The art of feedback

What feedback does to you and how to deal with it wisely.

Feedback is the basis of a healthy corporate culture. Honestly addressing each other ensures close cooperation, mutual trust and success. But you have to approach such a feedback discussion well. Otherwise there is a risk of things going wrong.

Because giving or receiving feedback in a constructive way is not at all evident. We often take ‘criticism’ personally, as a direct attack on who we are. While it is often not intended that way. If you want to set up a healthy feedback culture in your organisation, you first have to know how feedback works exactly. What the boosters but also the pitfalls are.

“What makes us reluctant to give feedback? And why do we often feel personally attacked when we receive it?”

In this inspirational session, you will not only learn the practical tips & tricks. We will also look at what exactly feedback does to your brain and why we often have such a hard time with it. With that insight, you can use feedback effectively in your organisation.

  • What exactly does feedback do to our brain?
  • Why do we often experience feedback in such a negative way?
  • What kinds of ‘triggers’ are there and what do they do to us?
  • What can you do yourself to apply this from tomorrow?

For both employees and managers who want to sharpen their communication skills in the field of feedback.



Groups of 12 to 500 participants


Groups of 12 to 500 participants
1 host and 1 content expert

Practical info


Duration: 90 min
Language: NL, FR, ENG


Duration: 90 à 120 min.
Language: NL, FR, ENG
Online tools: Zoom, Webex, Teams

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