Increase your impact with emotional intelligence

In 5 steps to self-regulation.

To make an impact on another person, you need both your ratio and your emotion. In our brain, these cannot be disconnected from each other. Therefore, you do not achieve impact just by acting more ‘rationally’, but also by being connected to your own emotions and behaviour, and by adapting these to the context in which you find yourself. The more appropriately you can respond to the context, the faster the connection with the other and the greater your impact will be.

Even though we are responsible for our own emotions, we are not always aware of how they influence our own behaviour. Which emotion do we use where and when? And do we do this consciously or rather on automatic pilot?

“Self-regulation will always be a challenge, but if somebody’s going to be in charge, it might as well be me.” – Daniel Akst

How we deal with our emotions is an essential part of ‘emotional intelligence’ (EQ). A concept that is getting more and more attention these days, but what does it mean exactly? And how exactly does it work in our brain? You will discover this in this inspiration session. You will learn how you can gain more insight into your emotions so you can evolve towards self-regulation in five steps. Besides the theory, you will also receive a lot of practical tips & tricks which you can put to work immediately.

  • What is the importance of emotional intelligence at work?
  • How can understanding my brain help me to increase my EQ?
  • What are the 5 questions that can lead me to more self- regulation?
  • In what way am I responsible for my emotions? 
  • What are efficient techniques to regulate our emotions?

For both employees and managers who want to strengthen their relationships (at work) through greater emotional intelligence



Groups of 12 to 500 participants


Groups of 12 to 500 participants
1 host and 1 content expert

Learning journey with digital learning incentives and e-book
around an online training course

Practical info


Duration: 90 min
Language: NL, FR, ENG


Duration: 90 à 120 min.
Language: NL, FR, ENG
Online tools: Zoom, Webex, Teams

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